Writing a musical theatre cv

I have a niche and I definitely carved that niche. To get more content and advice like this direct to your inbox, sign up for our weekly Careers update. Also, list professional credits towards the top, and educational credits toward the bottom. Hayward, who at almost thirty and hardly a wide-eyed starstruck youth, took to the stage with a confidence that belied his inexperience, appearing as Holy Joe in Charles K.

International Auditions Each year Central hosts a number of auditions outside of the UK, with a team of tutors from Central travelling to meet applicants.

If the recording was self produced for Grandma, Mom, Dad, and friends, leave it off.

Dr. Karen’s Rules of the Academic CV

No more than 10 courses should be listed here. The date, immediately below, centered, is optional.

6+ Theater Resume Templates

Leave that info for those pages. List as you would Invited Talks. Short-Term, Full-Time Work Experience Suitable usually for Young People who are interesting in taking on some Work Experience as part of their Secondary School or College studies, short-term volunteers will typically volunteer full-time for up to a fortnight.

Creating an Awesome Resume to Land Musical Theatre Auditions

If you have the ability to do physical tricks, list the most difficult that you are completely comfortable with, and always be prepared to do these in the room if asked. Principle of Peer Review. Gain experience with administration and database working, as well as being a part of a friendly and creative team, with occasional tea-drinking and biscuit-eating.

You may be asked about your understanding of the play and the character as well as the specific situation and objectives. But what should you list first. I disapprove of this. You may also need different CVs for different purposes.

Page breaks will constantly move as CV grows.

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It might be best to prepare for your audition by taking some classes with an acting coach. The dates will be future dates, and as such they will be the first dates listed.

He then went on to a Theatre in Education company affiliated with the Sheffield Repertory Theatreand he performed in several Radio 4 dramas. Staff on the Course View profiles of the academic staff who teach on this course.

Please note that forthcoming publications ARE included in this section. If you make photocopies, they should be single-sided and taped together along the long side using a tape which is able to be creased. Putting together your Musical Theatre resume. NOTE: Musical Theatre and Vocal Performance resumes are slightly different.

There is a separate Vocal Performance post in the Vocal Performance category. Acting resumes are almost identical to this, you just drop off the singing oriented content areas. Otherwise, the rest is the same.

Rob Young, of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, suggests that a one page CV is appropriate for people starting out in theatre. Be careful how you project yourself. Writing your Artist Curriculum Vitae October 18, — Stephen Near Like the Artist Statement, the Curriculum Vitae (or CV) is a critical component of any artist's portfolio and body of work.

The following music resume sample was submitted by a professional musician. Following their resume writing strategy will help you land more auditions. Following their resume writing strategy will help you land more auditions.

Other misconceptions include the use of an objective on the resume and writing detailed job descriptions. A job objective is usually a statement of what the candidate would like to do or the specific job they are seeking.

theatre director cv. resume for graduate school.

Education with Integrity

how to write a music cv. headshot resume template. Musical Theatre. Format of a Theatre Resume Most resumes have a standard format in which basic information is placed at the top, and all experience and training is put into a table, like this: Musical Theatre.

Writing a musical theatre cv
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